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The Organisation

The Miklagard Ulflag are a Varangian Guard warrior formation, our warriors train regularly in the established JomsViking fighting system which can commonly be described as Steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel combat which has been held in North London for over a decade, with the majority of members based around London, we have grown to a international level, which includes warriors of The Ulflag up and down the country and around the world.

Our members range from experienced fighters both competitively and in showmanship, to those completely new to the culture of a ‘modern viking’. We participate in a variety of events and activites including Film & TV, Gaming Industry, and other media work, living history demonstrations and lectures for schools and other educational institutions. We also take part and demonstrate both publically and privately our show fighting where we have participated in battles which have included over 20,000-60,000 members of public watching our battles and performances.

Specifically, our work with promotional companies, TV Documentaries, Gaming, Film, and Sports Channels are vast, we usually work several times a year in this area, as some contracts can last months, others for a single day.

Our most notable clients our warriors have worked with are:

Yesterday Channel (Ancient Black Ops 5&6 and Weekend Warriors 3)
Sky Sports
World Media Rights (TV work, Fight Direction, acting and fighting for two episodes in a Docu-Drama)
MSN Cast for promotional work on Capcoms Dragons Dogma
Amon Amarth (Metal Blade Records)
Gods Own Junkyard
Independant Online Cinema (The Hunt for Gollum).

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The Structure.

The Ulflag and its warriors:
The Ulfag hosts a world class warhost of warriors nationally and internationally, who travel far and wide to find what we refer to as the way of The Modern Viking with members across the country further abroad, we welcome you to join us!
The best way to describe the organisation, is a region, of province in the kingdom of Gardariki (Varangian) who have served time in Byzantium as Varangian Guard. Culturally we portray a melting pot of Eastern Viking, Slavic and Rus peoples, under the leader (Akoulothos / Prince) who governs the region as war leader and lord (Vojvoda). When we are not at events or fighting battles, we train regularly, or are working on contracts, we also meet up socially as we have the age old saying “friends first, warriors second”. To ensure our Viking Age clothing is at optimal levels, we regularly have workshops making armour, shields or clothing, be it repairing tents, making new shields, or making adjustments to Lammellar, its a never ending struggle to keep our warriors armed to the teeth and ready to engage the field of battle at a moments notice.
All members of The Miklagard Ulflag are expected to portray Vikings, Rus Vikings, Slavs / warriors who served in The Varangian Guard from the 10th-11th Century, or people fro the region of Gardariki.

The Hearth.

A part as equally as important as the Ulflag is the hearth, these are the members of the Ulflag organisation which aren’t combatants,and hold an interest in the crafting of Viking age items. This part of the organisation is equally as important as the fighters, from leather workers to wood/bone carvers, authentic historical viking clothing and more its our aim to encourage a community of like minded enthusiasts and friends. With a range of warriors, and Hearth members, our mission is to be the premier organisation portraying viking age life, and we take great pride in the crafting we have cultivated.

Structure Heading

Archon of the Miklagard Ulflag

Styrsman of the Miklagard Ulflag

Lupercalia Pentarcheos / Wolf Captain

Lupercalia Pentarcheos / Wolf Captain

Lupercalia Spartharios / Wolf Sword

Lupercalia Spartharios / Wolf Sword

Lupercalia / Wolf

Lupercalia / Wolf



Lupercalia Ipa / Wolf tooth


The Ranks Heading

Akoulothos / Archon of the Miklagard Ulflag:

The Akoulothos / Archon Maxim is the founder and leader of The Ulflag. He is the ultimate authority in the Ulflag in times of peace and war. Archon is the Byzantine equivalent of a Jarl, and is a morale boosting figure, one which makes its warriors feel invincible on the battlefield when he is present, heavily influencing the outcome of the battle. When Maxim cannot take the field, another individual is to be elected master of the war host in his stead. The responsibility of the Akoulothos is a deep one, which is not taken lightly as its a huge physical and financial burden.

Lupercalia Pentarcheos / Wolf Captain:

The Lupercalia Pentarcheos are sub commanders within The Ulflag. Their duty is to perform the will of their lord Archon and assist in times of war, and peace. The role of the Pentarcheos is a serious commitment, as it may be that of assisting the training of the war force, commanding on the battlefield, or being quintessential to the beating heart of The Ulflag, the war camp. It is the duty of the Pentarcheos to hold council with Maxim, and their sacred role to ensure stability and strength within the Ulflag at all times.

Lupercalia Spartharios / Wolf Sword:

The Lupercalia Spartharios are the most deadly soldiers of The Varangian Guard, to become one requires great commitment, and is the equivalent of a Hirdmann or Huscarl in Viking provinces. To be honoured as one, a very difficult combat ritual is performed in which they must pass, and each warrior must have given a minimum term of service. Alongside this, they must be heavily armed to the teeth, and capable of demonstrating superior feats in combat.

Lupercalia / Wolf:

The Lupercalia is the minimum required rank to be a warrior of The Ulflag. The Viking equivalent is Drengir. To be Lupercalia (Drengir) one must show proficiency in combat and have served a minimum term of one year under The Ulflag banner, with sufficient equipment, spirit of heart and skill to be worthy of The Ulflag. An oath is made and silver is exchanged, from here there life is reborn and changed forever. The Wolf represents The Ulflag, and may speak on behalf of The Ulflag as an authority.


Hirthdir is the rank held by all members of the Household, unless they have already acquired a higher rank. The household is the heart of the war camp and composed of master tradesmen, craftsmen and cooks. The members of the household are respected and esteemed for their knowledge and talents.

Lupercalia Ipa / Wolf tooth:

This is the beginning, the tooth is planted in the earth, and out of the earth is born a warrior. The viking equivalent would be Gestir (Guest warrior) the job of the wolf tooth is to earn its place amongst The Ulflag, and to bring glory in its name, when enough glory has been built and their skill reach a sufficient level, then they may take the oath, until then, they are a wolf tooth, and must learn and earn their place amongst the hierachy.