The Ulflag

The Ulflag Heading

Here you can find the Legends and Brothers of the Ulflag, from our fallen Jarl, of which our Lag is named after, to our fellow brothers, Styrsman, and Storm Commander.
Only those of true diligence, loyalty and commitment to the ULFLAG are chronicled here. Each are individuals, heroes which all embody different characters in the Ulflag. Their word fame is known across the Viking world, be it mead hall, battlefield, or longship, you will find a tale being told about these men and there courageous antics, or drunk braggartry!

Jarl of the Brotherhood of Jomsborg

Ulf Eirik Heading

Ulf Eirik, The fallen Jarl of the Jomsvikings, it was Ulf Eirik’s vision which started the Brotherhood of Jomsborg. The Miklagard Ulflag is named after our great Jarl who now resides in Valhalla, following his legacy and ensuring his spirit on Midgard continues to inspire young and old.

His combination of great vision and charisma brought together men and women from around the world and inspired them to build a brotherhood that will endure. He is our eternal lord and it is in his name that we fight, drink and train. It is his spirit for exploration and adventure that drives us to ever greater horizons!

To have clashed steel with Ulf Eirik was to fight one of the great masters of our age, his swordsmanship was that of brilliance. Technical and treacherous, the blade of Ulf Eirik will forever be remembered as legendary, beyond measure of mortal man.

Storm Commander

Igor Heading

The mighty Lord of The East, Storm Commander, and leader of Tryglaw. This champion of men was inspired at a young age by Ulf-Eirik and followed in his footsteps to greatness. He is a Jomsviking and is known by Vikings far and wide across Midgard as a mighty warrior and leader of brilliance. Well versed in a range of fight styles and tactics, his sword blows are just as destructive as they are technical.

From an intellectual mind able to write master pieces on European history, to commanding hundreds, his very aura captures the hearts of women, and men to rally to his banner. His passion and charisma are truly a testament to the legend which proceeds him.

Deep in the centre of a Boar snout, or giving rousing speeches before an impending battle, there are few men on Midgard which can truly compare to the mountain of integrity which is Igor of Tryglaw.

Styrsman of the Miklagard Ulflag

Magnus Heading

Charismatic and high-spirited, Maxim Rus Ulfson is the Archon/Styrsman of The Miklagard Ulflag. Skilled swordsman and brave, his honour is limitless and he will stand at the forefront of the battle line with the warriors of the Ulflag beside him. Out of love for the Fallen Jarl of Jomsborg, Magnus Rus Ulfson made his life mission to embody and pass on the spirit and philosophy of Ulf Eirik to his fellow brothers. Both a martial and spiritual leader, Ulfson steers the Ulflag to achieve great feats and to bring honour to the Jomsborg brotherhood.

Quick comes the stab from his Sabre named ‘No Forgiveness’ into the hearts of his enemies, he is deadly as he is rousing of spirit, enchanting men’s courage with days of old where Ulf Eirik still walked the mortal land of Midgard. He followed Ulf Eirik into battle from Iceland to Poland and back again and many places in between. These memories burn deeply in the heart of Magnus, hoping to one day meet his Jarl, mentor, and Viking father again in Valhalla.

Brynjolf Ulfson

Brynjolf Ulfson Heading

Also known as “Brynjolf Ulfson The Grey” is the longest standing member of Jomsborg in the Ulflag. Way back in the days of young, before Jomsborg even existed, Brynjolf stood beside Ulf Eirik as he began the journey to build the world’s largest Viking organisation. Standing proudly before everyone in the mead hall, Brynjolf, cocky young and overly proud offered all The Vikings around him out for a fight of singular combat, in doing so he slipped off the table in which he stood, landing on the floor, and without a care in the world he went back to drinking. Young Brynjolf was then, but the determination to defend his Jarl’s honour and fight for his brothers was burned into the hallmarks of eternity as a loveable rogue and adventurer of few equals.

Breaking hearts and forging new bonds of kith across the world, it was recognised by many that Brynjolf would be a man remembered forever. Be it battle field, mead hall or even longship, where ever the foot of Brynjolf steps hilarity follows, and his heart is always laughing. Upon the stretches of the battlefield, with sword in hand and Einherjar shield in the other, you will always find this wolf brother in the centre, carving out a new name, a new legacy, and spilling blood in the name of his wolf brothers.


Rangfast Heading

Drengr of Jomsborg before joining the Ulflag, Rangfast is one of the most veteran warrior of the pack. Wielding his sword with finesse and elegance, Rangfast is a true master of the blade. His ability to strike the enemy line with surgical precision enable him to eliminate the key warriors of the opposite side and to turn the tide of the battle.

Master cavalryman, Rangfast is one of the few warrior of his time with extensive riding experience. His high vantage point combined with his tactician capacities mark him as belonging to the elite. Demonstrating honor and respect to both friends and foes alike, Rangfast is a man whose reputation shines wherever he goes.

Bjorn Ulfson

Bjorn Ulfson Heading

A warrior of stalwart defence and a giant amongst men! This mighty bear of a man is known on every battlefield he walks onto as he stands head and shoulders above all others. His sheer size and strength is indomitable. Be it shield and axe, or Dane Axe, you will always find him in the centre of the battlefield where it is fiercest.

Bjorn is a man of distinguished honour and is fiercely loyal to his brothers and his friends. His strength is as unwavering as his heart and he fills all those who stand beside him with a sense of pride and bravery, true son of Ulf indeed, Bjorn Ulfson is most known for his one man Boar Snout, crushing the enemy line single handedly, sacrificing himself onto the blades of the rival force, as their defence buckled, hurling men through the air like rags of linen.


Randulfr Heading

Under his carefree airs, Randulfr is a true warrior of the Ulflag and a core part of the shield wall. Demonstrating a sense of honor and fellowship unequalled in the brotherhood, Randulfr is one of Magnus’ closest friend.

Often giggling while fighting, many enemies have underestimated Randulfr, leading them to their doom. Actual berserker of the wolfpack, Randulfr can charge his opponent in a whirlwind of hair and steel, falling many a man in his track. When he is not fighting, he likes to look at the landscape and his environment, mainly to keep his cool temper and avoid causing rampage amongst furniture, passers-by and friends.

Wyld Hardrada

Wyld Hardrada Heading

A warrior of Jomsborg. This Ulfson had travelled Europe and the New World in search of training and adventure. He fought beside Ulf-Eirik at his final Moesgaard and Wolin and has journeyed far to seek out and meet his brothers across the world.
The wanderlust inspired in Wyld by Ulf-Eirik is matched only by his love of training and he constantly seeks to balance both to further himself as a warrior and as a man. Stalwart and diligent are his blade, impregnable and strong is his shield arm. To stand beside Wyld Hardrada in the line is to stand beside a body of duty and bravery. shield to shield he is dependable as the very foundations Midgard is built upon.

Not only does his heart seek new adventures of steel and blade, his knowledge of carpentry is renowned, he has made many a great shield for our Fallen Jarl, Ulf Eirik, in the Twilight years of Ulf’s rule in Jomsborg. Many of those shields survive today, burning with the deep passion, loyalty, love and respect Wyld Hadrada had for his Jarl, memories encased in wood, steel and duty.

Torc Ó Súileabháin

Torc Ó Súileabháin Heading

All the way from the green shores of Ireland, Torc represents the Hyberno-Norse in the Ulflag. Really friendly and with a good sense of humour, Torc likes to joke about as much as having a good scrap with his brothers. Favouring the axe over any other weapon, Torc’s fighting style is dynamic, fast and aggressive. Deadly with two axes, Torc uses his shield for defense as well as well as for attacking his opponents.

Demonstrating a great sense of loyalty to his Styrsman, Torc is ready to support and travel around the world in a quest for riches and glory. As a man who loves life, Torc takes all that life throws his way, silver, fights, fame and women. Having Torc near you in a shield wall is encouraging as his will to chop through the enemy line will drive his flank forward and often lead them to victory.

Ulfinnr Frantzson

Ulfinnr Frantzson Heading

Fast, determined, lethal. A new warrior in the heart of Jomsborg and the Ulflag, Ulfinnr is known as the wolf wanderer. Travelling around the world seeking word fame and adventure, Ulfinnr has begun to carve his mark out in the Viking world as a man of diligence, bravery, composure and a quick learner.

Don’t let the piercing blue eyes and angelic looks of this wolf brother fool you, his heavy blade has cut many a man down in singular combat, and this is just the beginning. As others rush to their death, tall and proud Ulfinnr watches the battle lines with a calm integrity, waiting for when the time is right to turn the field of war to Jomsborgs favour.


Kjeld Heading

Known as the “Chainmail Ninja”, his fight style is un-orthodox and intimidating, versatile in a range of weapons his speed is often seen as legendary. As a brother he is a remorseful man and very humble, capable of killing you with one hand, and offering friendship with the other.

On the battlefield, Kjeld will be found in the thick of the melee either outflanking his enemies or appearing from thin air to slash their backs. Agile as a cat, Kjeld knows how to get out of any tricky situation that would have seen the end of most warriors.


Grzymislaw Heading

Strong, independant and a true slavic warrior, Grzymislaw and Magnus Rus have been friends for many years and endured many battlefields together. With legs that can kick down mountains and a spirit which is wild but even wilder when drunk, you can never tell what he will pull out of his hat next.

Brave and fearless, Grzymislaw can be relied on to hold in the shieldwall or to pierce through the enemy line. Aggressive as well as technical, his blade will find the weak spots in the armour of his opponent.