Viking Trainings and Garrisons Range up and down the UK, France, Germany, and beyond.

In the UK Alone we host 3 Viking training locations, with Warrior training in London, Kent, and Nottingham.

Without good quality, regular training( Viking Training) we are unable to maintain our high standards. Any warrior wishing to be a part of the Ulflag will need to train with us beforehand. We use a form of steel mixed martial arts called The Jomsviking System which was developed and refined by Mike Heywood (Thorgeir) and Phil Burthem (Ulf Eirik). The Jomsviking System focuses on a balance of strength, speed and skill, allowing the warrior to be deadly with their finesse and realistic as we can while slaying ones foes.

This Jomsviking System has been taught, adopted and imitated across the planet:

All these and many more countries have benefited from over 25 years of experience of this dynamic.

Biomechanics are an important factor of what we try to achieve in steel mixed martial arts, with this we try to re-create individual fighting styles which compliment your size, weight, speed, and what works best for you to be an effective warrior.

¬†We place emphasis on the weapon being used like a real blade, for example, kills with the flat part of the blade are frowned upon and generally aren’t considered a worthy strike which could fatally wound someone, the blade itself is a weapon which is designed to cut, Jomsborg call it “To kill with character”, and to avoid techniques which are designed to allow you to win to a set of rules, rather than fight with the true intention of the blade.

Training starts very simply using wooden wasters, and takes around 4-8 weeks (usually) to pass "basic training".

 During this process you will be taught by training officers who have decades of experience in this martial art. We start by teaching foot work, and basic techniques to get your body used to fighting in our fight system. Eventually you progress on to light sparring and the principles of safety when fighting, such as hunting spears, fighting Dane Axes and more.

After basic training,

You are then thrown into the main hall, where you fight just like anyone else, take part in exercises to improve your fighting, and train in a range of situations such as one versus one, or group fights which can work up to 20 people fighting 20 people (line fights).

You will learn:

Bio Mechanics.

Team work / team building.



Construction workshops on how to build gloves, clothes, shields and more.

Sword and blade techniques to honour your ancestors.

Battle Commanding.

This however is just the beginning, before you know it, you will be travelling around the world, fighting in viking fortresses and iron age villages, taking part in battles all over the country, and perhaps even the odd bit of movie work or fighting onstage for bands to boot!

So, if you are interested (Anyone can do it!) come and join,
and be a modern viking.