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The Miklagard Ulflag – Viking re-enactment group in London


The Miklagard Ulflag are a Varangian Guard warrior formation, our warriors train regularly in the established JomsViking fighting system which can commonly be described as Steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel combat which has been held in North London for over a decade, with the majority of members based around London, we have grown to a international level, which includes warriors of The Ulflag up and down the country and around the world.

Our members range from experienced fighters both competitively and in showmanship, to those completely new to the culture of a ‘modern viking’. We participate in a variety of events and activites including Film & TV, Gaming Industry, and other media work, viking-age living history demonstrations and lectures for schools and other educational institutions. We also take part and demonstrate both publically and privately our show fighting where we have participated in battles which have included over 20,000-60,000 members of public watching our battles and performances.
Specifically, our work with promotional companies, TV Documentaries, Gaming, Film, and Sports Channels are vast, we usually work several times a year in this area, as some contracts can last months, others for a single day.

Our most notable clients our warriors have worked with are:

Yesterday Channel (Ancient Black Ops 5 (Viking Berserker)&6 (The Varangian Guard) and Weekend Warriors 3(The Vikings)), also broadcast on the History Channel
Sky Sports (Promoting the “Viking” Kessler, boxing champion)
World Media Rights (TV work, Fight Direction, acting and fighting for two viking-focused episodes in a Docu-Drama)
MSN Cast for promotional work on Capcoms Dragons Dogma
Amon Amarth (Metal Blade Records)
Gods Own Junkyard
Independant Online Cinema (The Hunt for Gollum).

Ancient Black Ops S01E06 The Varangian Guard by DemonPreyer1Exploring the tactics of an elite group of bodyguards who not only protected Byzantine emperors, but also shaped wars with their clever fighting techniques.



The warrior spirit of the last millennia, right before your eyes!