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if you can dream it, its most likely we can do it.

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Vikings - Viking Re-enactment

Ranging from consulting on movie projects as fight directors, artistic consultants, Extra’s, supporting artists, martial artist / combat fighters, set builders / organisers and (as we call it) “Plug in and play” Vikings, where we litterally turn up with the full costume, armour, swords and extra equipment ready for war, if you can dream it, its most likely we’ve can do it.

With access to Long Ships, historical period museums / locations, and horse stunt riders, your requirements are easily met when we synchronise your goals and ambitions with our experience and eagerness to deliver. Due to our fascination of Viking Re-enactment, our key skills in this historical period are many.

Whats our experience like when it comes to Film & TV?

Vikings - Viking Re-enactment

School and Educational

Our School and Educational projects, we bring Vikings

Into the playgrounds and classrooms of children learning about the Viking invasions against the Saxons, the cultural impact Vikings had historically, and the current day impact they had today in the United Kingdom and across the world. As Viking Re-enactors we take our educational adventures to the next level, and leave incredible memories behind.

If you think your studying of Viking Culture and Saxons (early medieval period) can be enriched by our day visit, please contact us for more information.

Vikings - Viking Re-enactment

Our standard packages come according to requirements, as an example, for local schools, we have sent anywhere from 1 warrior to teach about the vikings, up to 4, which do a full battle display, show and tell and engage with the audience of school children with more artifacts and more games.

Our large scale examples have resulted in us getting to the school early in the morning, setting up a full viking encampment, with 4 shows in the day, teaching about vikings and putting on a large show of 20+ vikings showing the children how the vikings lived and immersing them fully in the experience.

Vikings - Viking Re-enactment
The encampments we build can vary in size, but look absolutely incredible and are movie quality in reconstruction, so school teachers and pupils alike can feel like they’ve just walked on to a movie set, or gone back in time to the actual Viking Age! From the educational visits we perform, it means the children can have access to thousands of pounds worth of artifacts, clothing, jewellery, armament’s, and more at just a fraction of the cost.