The ULFLAG are Professional Vikings

Training in Steel Mixed Martial Arts and Film / TV World Wide

The Miklagard Ulflag are
Varangian Guard Warriors

Our warriors train regularly in the established JomsViking fighting system which can commonly be described as steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel Reenactment which has been held in North London for well over a decade. Culturally, we can portray typical Scandinavian Vikings, Slavic Warriors, Rus Vikings, and our main influence which is the staple of our cultural identity, The Varangian Guard.

So if you would like to join, or would like more information about us, please do browse our website or

With a vast level of experience in Film, TV and event organisation, we are still looking for more challenges to test our Fight Directors, and sword fighting crew in a range of events including:

As Warriors and Vikings, we are trained to perform for Film and TV, we have worked on countless projects under our brand name The London Vikings, and coordinating events, brand promotion and more.So, aside from Viking Reenactment and non profit community projects, we also enjoy daring new work bringing viking culture to the big screen. Our School projects are also popular, and as Viking / Saxon history is a part of KeyStage 3, its something we regularly participate in.

We are teaching warriors up and down the country, with our key head quarters based in London, we host trainings in North East London, Kent, Sussex, Nottingham and more, so if you've ever wanted to taste the bite of steel, or the sound of axes clashing, then head on down as glory awaits your fingertips!