Viking Reenactment, Our warriors train regularly in the established JomsViking fighting system which can commonly be described as steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel Reenactment which has been held in North London for well over a decade. Culturally, we can portray typical Scandinavian Vikings, Slavic Warriors, Rus Vikings, and our main influence which is the staple of our cultural identity, The Varangian Guard.

So if you would like to join, or would like more information about us, please do browse our website

Without good quality, regular training we are unable to maintain our high standards. Any warrior wishing to be a part of the Ulflag will need to train with us beforehand. We use a form of steel mixed martial arts called The Jomsviking System which was developed and refined by Mike Heywood (Thorgeir) and Phil Burthem (Ulf Eirik). The Jomsviking System focuses on a balance of strength, speed and skill, allowing the warrior to be deadly with their finesse and realistic as we can while slaying ones foes

We place emphasis on the weapon being used like a real blade, for example, kills with the flat part of the blade are frowned upon and generally aren’t considered a worthy strike which could fatally wound someone, the blade itself is a weapon which is designed to cut, Jomsborg call it “To kill with character”, and to avoid techniques which are designed to allow you to win to a set of rules, rather than fight with the true intention of the blade.