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Viking Event Ulfthing 2022

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With a thunder strike of the East, The Ulflag gathered for the monumentus ocassion known as “Ulthing 2022” with eleven different nationalities and over sixty viking warriors taking part, drinks were shared merryment was had, and brotherhood rekindled after the difficulties and lockdowns of covid.

A range of warriors took place in this years event ranging from typical norse warriors in maille, to Rus, Slavic, saxon, norman and so many portrayals its hard to keep up!

 It certainly was unique, fun and educational weekend, set in the beautiful rural landscape of Devon, sleeping in yurts and feasting as vikings.

This one-off event brought together our closest viking brothers from around the world, to recreate a large Viking army encampment, full of craftsmen, traders and warriors.

So what is Combat in Reenactment terms? What and how do we fight?

Reenactment of battles is a major and popular component of historical reenactment.

Due to the number of participants involved, most reenacted battles cannot be choreographed in any detail, and safety guidelines or “combat rules” are imposed on participants instead, prohibiting dangerous or life threatening actions. Some reenactment battles take the form of a competition, where the two “armies” try to defeat each other within the actions permitted by the combat rules, this is what we very much train for, known as “Competition fighting”.

What are we fighting at out Events?

Fighting within ulflag is taught using the Ninheim / JomsViking fight system of live steel combat. This is non-choreographed, real-time sparring using steel weapons (rebated) and, as such, regular training is required to ensure the safety and skill of the fighters. Emphasis is placed on proper form, body mechanics, spatial/situational awareness, and footwork. Training is carried out in structured sessions, in comfortable everyday clothing, with necessary protective gear. The main styles of fighting we accomidate are Huscarl, Eastern Style, and Western Style.

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