Welcome to the World of Vikings! London Vikings, That’s right, after 1066 they didn’t just disappear, they are back! www.ULFLAG.com has been training under the name The London Vikings for years. The training locations in London and up and down the country, have apparently been running decades.

The fighting makes short work of your cardio endurance and is fantastic for team-based sportsmanship. Viking Reenactment has been around for decades, and Viking Combat classes have taken it to the next level. The Viking classes start with a 9 session class known as “The Basics” these teach the fundamental safety techniques needed in Viking Reenactment and warrior training. From there, the real fun begins as you are released into the main hall as a full-fledged new warrior looking to sharpen his teeth in Viking Fighting. The London Viking training has always had safety and high energy adrenaline at mind when we built it, but the most important thing of course is allowing people to learn and train in the safest dynamic possible. It’s not just training though — That’s right, aside from this, its coaching and creating an honour fraternity focused on the positives elements of our ancestors.

The best way to describe the organisation, is a region, of province in the kingdom of Gardariki (Varangian) who have served time in Byzantium as Varangian Guard. Culturally we portray a melting pot of Eastern Viking, Slavic and Rus peoples, under the leader (Akoulothos / Prince) who governs the region as war leader and lord (Vojvoda). When we are not at events or fighting battles, we train regularly, or are working on contracts, we also meet up socially as we have the age old saying “friends first, warriors second”. To ensure our Viking Age clothing is at optimal levels, we regularly have workshops making armour, shields or clothing, be it repairing tents, making new shields, or making adjustments to Lammellar, its a never ending struggle to keep our warriors armed to the teeth and ready to engage the field of battle at a moments notice.