The Viking Martial arts are encompassed in many disciplines in which we teach and promote in our training. Our Lesson HQ is based in London, but we have training halls across Europe, ranging from London, Kent, Nottingham, and Sussex. To Rouen, and all over Germany. Below are some of the different martial arts we specialize in, but our specialty is Viking Age warfare/combat using weaponry of the Early Medieval Period / Viking Age. GLIMA: Glima wrestling is something several of our guys have been experts in for some time, some are ex-professional wrestlers, and others are martial artists who have transferred their years of skills over to this Norse tradition.

Viking Combat: This is more diverse and represents true Viking warfare, our combat classes hone your talents as Viking Martial Arts practitioners to become experts in the competitive combat field. Ranging from small seax (knife usage) as a sidearm, Sword and Shield training, spear combat, and even Axes. These classes form the outset look simply like Reenactment, but they are so much more. Archery: An important component of hunting and nobility is Archery, something we love but needs years to harness and master, its more than losing a bow, its connecting with your ancestor’s needs for survival