The Ulflag Vikings are the warriors you need!

Training in Steel Mixed Martial Arts and Film / TV World Wide

With a vast level of experience in Film, TV and event organisation, we are still looking for more challenges to test our Fight Directors, and sword fighting crew in a range of events including:

Our Vikings train regularly to perform PR and stunt work, extra's work, film & TV and Educational work regularly using the established JomsViking fight system

Our Viking Re-enactment can commonly be described as steel MMA (Steel Mixed Martial Arts) or Competitive Steel Reenactment which has been held in North London for well over two decades. Culturally, we can portray typical Scandinavian Vikings, Slavic Warriors, Rus Vikings, and our main influence which is the staple of our cultural identity, The Varangian Guard.

As Viking Reenactors, actors, film & TV, fight Directors and PR specialists we are always awaiting new challenges and new adventures to bring your projects to the forefront with epic flair!

Why Us?

Well Vikings are our Hobby, our life and passion, if you want Warriors, we've got them, Longships, we've got them, Fight Choreography, we can do it, A full immersive Viking encampment, no problem!

Whether its the legendary JomsVikings, The Viking Danelaw of England, The Ukrainian Rus, or The Varangian Guard serving the Greek emperor, we can manage your needs with expert precision and with decades of combined experience. We are more than just viking reenactors, as we tailor our expertise to meet the client. If its carpentry, then we've got experience demonstrating that in film format. How Viking clothing kept the Vikings warm travelling to New Foundland? We worked with a popular TV archeologist in a documentary for Discovery to express that. Viking Re-enactors who are stunt fighters and skilled with TV and film choreography? As displayed, our experience here is countless.

We host a huge portfolio of Epic looking viking warriors with full Armaments, swords, helmets and everything you can expect a Viking to wear head to toe! So with this, you can observe a fantastic selection of characters who range from the devious schemer, to men built like Giants and trolls! So if you would like to join, Hire, or would like more information about us, please do browse our website or

Where we serve?

We are teaching warriors up and down the country, with our key headquarters based in London, we host trainings in North East London, Kent, Nottingham and more, so if you've ever wanted to taste the bite of steel, or the sound of axes clashing, then head on down as glory awaits your fingertips!

Recent News

As Vikings and historians, we are trained to perform for Film and TV, we have worked on countless projects under our brand name The London Vikings, and coordinating events, brand promotion and more.

So, aside from Viking Reenactment and non profit community projects, we also enjoy daring new work bringing viking culture to the big screen. Our School projects are also popular, and as Viking / Saxon history is a part of KeyStage 3, its something we regularly participate in and enjoy teaching.

We have also taken leading roles in event organisation and behind the screen work, namely Producing, Fight Coordination, Continuity, Artistic Direction, consulting and much more!