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Viking Reenactment London

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Its a rare thing: Viking Extra’s, but they do exist! As full Vikings with all the equipment, armor and beards to match, we host a large database of Viking warriors on ULFLAG. As a Reenactment organization we have partaken in countless TV and Media projects, ranging from Ancient Assassins to work with Capcom, to Marvel, Gym Box, Vikings, and more! Our typical projects tend to be PR promotions and film and TV, adverts and so forth, but we are always hungry for enjoying new adventures and rare opportunities.

Presently we have mostly been occupied with Music Video work with famous bands like Amon Amarth, and online Adverts for Uncle Bens. Ranging from consulting on movie projects as fight directors, artistic consultants, Extra’s, supporting artists, martial artist/combat fighters, set builders/organizers and (as we call it) “Plugin and play” Artists, where we literally turn up with the full costume, armor, swords and extra equipment ready for war, if you can dream it, its most likely we’ve can do it. With access to Long Ships, historical period museums/locations, and horse stunt riders, your requirements are easily met when we synchronize your goals and ambitions with our experience and eagerness to deliver.

Whats our experience like when it comes to Film & TV? Horrible Histories Season 2 (BBC) Holiday Inn (TV and Online Advert Campaign) Season 1 and Season 2 of Ancient Assassins (Viking Episodes) Weekend Warriors (Sky) The Seeker: Dark is Rising MSN / Capcom media promotion for Dragons Dogma Man O War Sons of Odin Tour (Sons of Odin Album / Music Video) Amon Amarth – (Twilight of the Thunder God, JomsViking Album and more)

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